Last year is gone, but not forgotten.

A few months ago, we were down to only three active members. Faye, Calvin, and myself (Jennifer), but as October and November rolled around; we found ourselves with two new teammates Matt and Jason. Matt is very tech savvy and Jason is a writer. Each has a great interest for the paranormal world and seeking the truth within it. So far Matt and Jason fit very well with the team and we hope to be able to highlight their talents in the near future.

(Jason is in the left photo, and Matt is in the right)

This coming year we have some new ideas, new places we would like to check out. Here are some places we would like to return to: Preston Castle in Ione, CA; Miner's Cabin in Virginia City, NV; USS Hornet in Alameda, CA; National Exchange Hotel in Nevada City, CA. Each of these places hold a place in our hearts and hold memories of personal experiences when coming face to face with the paranormal world.

As the year goes on, we hope that we can still maintain your interests, and perk up your imaginations of what it is like to be a paranormal investigator. We will be dedicating ourselves to helping others from haunted residentials to historical haunted locations. This year plans to be bigger and better than the one before. We are very excited of the endeavors we will journey upon.

Keep those questions rolling for we do love hearing from all of you out there. We do try answer when we can.
Please stay tuned and join us on our ride through 2016!