Here we are again, looking at yet another year gone by. Between residential cases, historical fun, and one para-con, Team leads Faye and myself (Jennifer) have been in what seems a continuous go-go-go mode ever since last January. This also included the return of our teammate Scott. It has been quite a year. 

We started with a residential at the beginning of the year and  finishing the year by going over all the cases in review once again. Even though is was just Faye and I for most of the year, I find myself impressed of how many people we have helped. Some were down right scared, some just wanted help from a distance, and some were merely curious if there was anything in their home at all or if they were just being paranoid. 

The greatest reward is to see our clients smiling again, to be able to give them a new sense of hope, self, and comfort. Out of all that we have set out to do, we find three things that have helped us take on any case: a positive outlook, positive feelings, and knowledge that we can trust out teammates. As the next year slowly starts to approach, we find ourselves looking forward, planning out trips, and other things we would like to do in the oncoming year. However, it will be the residentials we will look forward to the most. 

Here is to looking forward!!!!