Here are some of our favorite audio EVP clips.

We do not claim that anything you hear is paranormal. The clips are from our trips to historic places, and (with permission) from cases.

The sounds or voices we cannot explain away.

We would love to hear what you think. (headphones are recomended)


EVP's Captured by Faye


Virginia City NV.  The Washoe Club
This clip takes place as we coming out of the woman's bathroom. Investigators present at the time were Jennifer Furgerson and Faye Navarro. The other background noise are from other people moving in and out of the area near the bathrooms. No one else was coming in or out of the bathroom at this time. 

Coming out of Bathroom VIrginia City NV FN (4).mp3

This clip is on the USS Hornet Aug.2015.

Living people present were Jennifer Furgerson, Jason Bradstreet and Faye Navarro. No one else (living that is) was around at the time.This audio was captured about a minute after Faye introduced herself and asked the spirits if they could say her name.

Jenn finds sickbay.mp3

EVP's Captured by Jennifer


Virginia City NV, The Washoe Club
This clip takes place in the large ballroom. At the time no one is in the room except for Jennifer. The other background noises are people shuffling their feet on the wood floor, and the distant talking of people on the other side of the Washoe.

unknown word before (Im sorry) male, Washoe Ballroom.mp3

Marysville CA, The Mary Aaron Museum 
This clip takes place on the first floor in the parlor room. Jennifer had left her recorder downstairs while everyone else went upstairs. No one was wondering in and out of rooms on the first floor. The banging sounds you hear are of the people on the stairs.

(there she is).(yeah)....parlor room.mp3

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