Our Marysville, California based group is here to help the people of our community and surrounding areas, through paranormal research. 

Our mission? To seek the TRUTH.

Thank you for showing interest in 

Angels of Light Paranormal Society!  

Each one of us have different varying amount of experiences in the paranormal. Our team members conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, and your confidentiality is our priority. This is not for thrill seeking, but to help contribute to the research of the paranormal , as well as learning more about the history of this amazing area we will live in.

From historical locations to businesses;  the goal remains the same. To find the truth, using our instincts and  top of the line technology.

 2014 aboard the USS Hornet

Getting ready to board the USS Hornet. (August 2015) 

From left to right: Jennifer, Calvin, our friend Jason Bradstreet, and Faye

August 2015, Calvin at Mare Island

2015, Faye aboard the USS Hornet second deck

August 2015, Faye on the second deck of the USS Hornet

August2015,  Jennifer aboard the USS Hornet.

Display is of the uniforms over the years women have served in the military.

We were selling herb bags and sage sticks at this years Grey Ghost......

we hope to have more availale to order right here on our web site.

Ghosts - research, evidence, and discussion.
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