We love to hear feed back from our clients, friends and followers. Here are some of those testimonials from our Facebook!

I just wanted to give a big Thank you to this team for helping me and my home, Angels of light Paranormal Society eased my mind and made me very comfortable when they visited my home. I feel they did a very thorough investigation and did not persuade me in any certain direction, the evidence they were able to give me was proof enough for me that something was going on in my home (nothing negative by the way) these investigators are so friendly and knowledgeable and caring not once was I uncomfortable with them or anything thing they did. They put my mind at ease which is pretty incredible since I'm the type that tends to not want to confront these types of "issues" they made me realize I don't have anything to really be afraid of and they did a cleansing on my home on the last visit that they made. ALPS came to my home 3 times and asked for nothing in return, I feel blessed to have gotten a chance to work with this team, it really wasn't what I was expecting and that's a good thing! THANK YOU ALPS for everything you do!  ~ Nicole Anderson : October 17, 2015

I like the people in the group. They are very professional and easy to work with. I had a great time with them at Mare Island on Saturday the 26th. Thank you, looking forward to seeing you all again. ~Paula Vicari :July 28, 2014 

Just listened to some of your evps, if genuine, they are excellent. Very interesting indeed. Thank you. ~Jane Willow Bennett : June 15, 2014

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